Flavoured Oils, Creams & Ice Chill Massagers Australia.

flavoured oils, creams & massagers Australia

Take foreplay to new and exciting places with this exquisite range of stimulating and delectable flavoured body oils, balms and creams!
Experience exciting sensations and indulge in irresistible flavours as you explore each other’s bodies! From warm tingling sensations that awaken your hot spots through to sweet licks and kisses all over, passionate foreplay leads the way to blissful pleasure.

Luxurious and tantalizing, the Sensory Exploration collection is designed to inspire a range of exciting and fulfilling romantic experiences. As things heat up, try the Ice Chill Massagers with some light restraints to excite your partners senses.

Here at Fare L’Amore, you’ll find below a range of the highest quality flavoured body oils Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can buy online and have delivered anywhere in Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post.