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Sensual wellbeing is a very personal and important aspect of a person’s overall health. Take the time to connect with yourself and your lover on a physical and emotional level.
While enjoying the benefits of sensual massage oils, then a spa bath with your lover, so much can be gained from taking some time out to discover and enjoy your sensuality.

Build an emotional connection with your lover through sensory exploration oils, creams and massagers that will delight all the senses.
When it comes to intimacy and performance products, you can explore new ways to add some extra oomph into your love life with a range of arousal gels, pheromone body sprays, flavoured and warming lubricants!

Here at Fare L’Amore, you’ll find below the highest quality range of wellbeing products Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can buy online and have delivered anywhere in Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post.