TEASE & PLEASE Feather Tickler


TEASE & PLEASE Feather Tickler

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Embrace new exciting sensations during light bondage play with the TEASE & PLEASE Feather Tickler!



TEASE & PLEASE Feather Tickler For Light Bondage Play.

If you like to indulge in all of your senses during light bondage play, then feather ticklers are a wonderful way to warm things up in the bedroom!
Your lover will delight in the soft sensual sensation of feathers trickling across their bare skin.
Start by tracing the lush plume over the arms, legs and torso before moving to the more sensitive zones such as the breast and the inner thigh.
The wonderful thing about feather ticklers is that they can be used during romantic foreplay or can act as a prelude to more adventurous light bondage play!
Included as part of the Intimate Play Collection, this tickler offers couples a safe and enjoyable way to engage in thrilling sensory experiences.

Features of the Fare L’Amore TEASE & PLEASE Feather Tickler include:

  • Length: 13cm
  • Material: Feather, ABS

Additional information


Fare L'Amore


Tease & Please Feather Tickler


Black, Red



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Fetish & Bondage


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