Buyer’s Guide To Clitoral Vibrators

Buyer's Guide To Clitoral Vibrators

Buyer’s Guide To Clitoral Vibrators

Find The Best Quality Clitoral Vibrators Online!

With so many types of clitoral vibrators available for purchase online, the task of choosing the perfect vibe for yourself or your lover may at first seem a little overwhelming!

This buyer’s guide describes the most popular types of clitoral stimulators for women and men to purchase online and have delivered direct to their home. Outlining the functions, suggested uses and what points to consider when you are purchasing a clitoral vibrator, this guide provides you with the pivotal information you need to make an educated decision regarding your purchase.

Clitoral vibrators are designed to provide pleasure and arousal to the external erogenous zones of the body, including but not limited to the clitoris. They can also be used to enhance pleasure sensations in areas such as the breast, testicles, penis, perineum and any other erogenous zones you can find on your body. The carefully programmed vibrations stimulate the nerve endings in these highly sensitive areas to bring about sensations of pleasure and excitement, often leading to or contributing to stronger orgasms and increased sexual satisfaction. Perfect for powerful pleasure when placed directly on the clitoris, these petite vibes can also be used across other parts of the body for total body relaxation or arousal – depending on your mood! From lay on clitoral vibrators through to petite vibes for foreplay and couples vibrators for couples to use during love making, the options seem endless!

With a huge range of clitoral vibrators for couples and women to enjoy together and alone, Fare L’Amore are proud to offer a premium range of the very best clitoral vibrators Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can purchase online and have delivered to their door anywhere across Australia.

Clitoral Vibrator Types

Clitoral Vibrators For Foreplay

Teasing and pleasing your lover is often a part of foreplay as a way of building arousal and increasing anticipation before leading into love making. Petite clitoral vibrators for couples to use on each other can be a great way to ease tension and help set the mood. Gently drift the therapeutic vibrations across all of the erogenous zones, and experiment with other parts of the body. Sometimes a new sensation in those areas that rarely get touched can be really arousing. You could start with soothing the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back, then work your way to the inner thigh, buttocks and under skin of the breast before hitting the high notes with the clitoris, nipples, penis, scrotum and perineum! While these clitoral vibrators for foreplay are great for couples to enjoy together, they also provide concentrated massage to the clitoris, which can be quite enjoyable for women during solo self pleasure.

Hands Free Couples Vibrators

During love making, many couples enjoy the benefit and pleasure provided by an external massager, but they also want something that doesn’t interfere with the intimacy of their love making. These carefully designed hands free couples vibrators provide massage to the external pleasure points without being intrusive or interrupting the flow of intimate moments. Often worn by the female, the hands free nature of these couples vibrators allows lovers to enjoy the benefit of massage to the clitoris without interfering with love making. For women the extra clitoral stimulation can help provide the pathway to mutual climax during intercourse.

Popular Couples Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators For Solo Play

Whether you have a lover that likes to watch or you are flying solo, this range of clitoral vibrators for women is designed to help enhance the female self pleasure experience. With a focus on clitoral arousal, these powerful vibrators for women are designed to help enhance pleasure and improve ease of climax during solo sessions. Using concentrated vibrations to provide clitoral massage can greatly increase a woman’s chance of reaching orgasm, whether accompanied by vaginal penetration or not.

Popular Clitoral Vibrators For Solo Sessions

Lay On Clitoral Vibrators

Whether alone or with a lover, women can enjoy the full coverage pleasure offered by lay on clitoral vibrators. Ergonomically shaped to perfectly compliment the female form, women can enjoy a distinctly firm massage of their external erogenous zones, concentrating on the clitoris, labia and surrounding tissues. Ideal for women who enjoy controlling their pleasure with their own body weight as well as women who prefer an overall ‘buzz’ rather than focused clitoral stimulation, lay on clitoral vibrators can also be worn during intercourse.

Popular Lay On Clitoral Vibrators

Things To Consider When Buying A Clitoral Vibrator

Once you have chosen the type of clitoral vibrator that is right for you, it’s also important to consider some other important features before making your final purchase online:

Shape & Size

The shape and size of your clitoral vibrator will change the angle and the intensity of stimulation. Rather than choosing a vibrator on ‘first appearances’, consider what erogenous zones you would like it to target and do your research to establish which shapes best stimulate these zones. For example, some clitoral vibrators that are focused solely on clitoral stimulation will feature a ‘resting’ place for perfect positioning of the clitoris against the massager. Other massagers that cover broader erogenous zones will feature a more generic, rounder massage head.


One of the most important things to ensure when selecting your clitoral vibrator is to make sure it is made from materials that are hypoallergenic, non-porous, bacteria resistant and free from phthalates. Medical grade silicone is often the chosen material for vibrators because it is body safe, soft and silky to the touch and is also a very good medium for transmit ting strong vibrations from the motor to the surface of the skin. Some manufacturers will produce vibrators containing a plastic frame that is lined with a thin coat of silicone. This makes the massager more affordable while maintaining safety and the luxurious velvety feel of silicone.

Massage Functions

While some clitoral vibrators offer one fuss free speed, many high quality vibes offer a wider selection of massage speeds and massage modes. If the thought of too many pattern choices is a little intimidating, you might like to select a more basic clitoral vibrator at first. If you enjoy variety, then a massager with a range of speeds and patterns will suit you better. Remember that while you don’t have to use all the functions, choosing a vibrator with options will provide you with more versatility and will allow you to experiment with different sensations into the future.

Power Source

Clitoral vibrators are most commonly powered via inbuilt rechargeable batteries or standard replaceable batteries. While battery operated vibrators allow quick and easy replacement of batteries, this is also conditional on you having a spare set ready to go! If you plan on using your vibrator regularly, buying replacement batteries can become expensive and annoying. While some rechargeable clitoral vibrators may seem a little more expensive at first, they do offer the convenience of never having to buy batteries again. High quality rechargeable vibrators are also usually more powerful than their battery operated counterparts.


Some clitoral vibrators are waterproof, some are splash proof and some are not waterproof at all. If you want to take your adventures into the spa, bath or shower be sure to select a clitoral vibrator that is 100% waterproof. Being splash proof allows for easier cleaning – while you shouldn’t submerge it in water, a quick wash with warm soapy water after use is perfectly fine.


While for most people, personal budget is an important consideration, don’t let price be the final deciding factor. To get the best value for money, make sure the clitoral vibrator you have chosen ticks all the important boxes as mentioned above in this guide. Be prepared that better quality clitoral vibrators will most often command a higher price. This is because the manufacturers have invested time and money into developing the most technologically advanced vibrators using the best quality materials – the result being a vibrator that performs better and lasts longer. If you really are on tight budget, check out the Specials page which is full of high quality vibrators that have been heavily discounted for your pleasure!

Cleaning & Care

As well as being important for your own health, cleaning your vibrator well and storing it safely is the best way to optimise the life span and performance of your massager. Once you have chosen your clitoral vibrator, make sure you also have what you need to effectively clean and store your prized possession.

Clitoral Vibrators In Summary

If this is your first time purchasing a clitoral vibrator online, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices. Hopefully the after reading the guide above, you feel more confident about which type of clitoral vibrator will suit you best.

No matter which clitoral vibrator you decide on, you are sure to enjoy discovering the new realms of pleasure that await! Remember that even when you have made your purchase, there is always room in the beside drawer for a second, third or fourth vibrator! While one vibrator may become a clear favourite, there is no harm in adding some variety to your bedroom repertoire!

Take the time to enjoy your new clitoral vibrator, whether you are alone or with your lover. Explore the new and exciting sensations that take you to new heights of sensual satisfaction, sexual health and overall wellbeing.

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