Buyer’s Guide To Massage Wands

Buyer's Guide To Body Massage Wands

Buyer’s Guide To Massage Wands

Buy Luxury Massage Wands Online Australia Wide.

There are so many different massage wands available for sale Australia wide online, sorting your way through all the options may seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to purchasing online and not sure what type will suit you best.

This buyer’s guide looks at the most popular types of hand held massagers you can purchase online from the comfort of your own home. Describing the functions, suggested uses and what factors to consider when you are purchasing a massage wand online, this guide provides you with the vital information needed to help you make an educated decision regarding your purchase.

Possibly the most powerful and also the most versatile of all the hand held massagers, massage wands can provide erogenous pleasures along with a plethora of health benefits. Regular erogenous massage leads to improved sensitivity of the erogenous tissues, leading to enhanced pleasure and a greater sense of sexual satisfaction. Hand held body massagers used regularly over the muscles and other tissues of the body can help to improve circulation and provide deep muscle relaxation for a better sense of overall health and wellbeing. Although sometimes quite large, their inconspicuous shape lends these vibrating wands to being able to be left out on the coffee table or bedside drawer without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Most massage wands feature a large rounded head that can be used to target the muscles of the body and delicate erogenous zones such as the clitoris, with unrelenting precision. In many cases, the ‘neck’ that attaches the head to the handle of the wand will be flexible, allowing for precision placement from all angles. Whether you want something to help relieve muscle tension or your desires are far more intimate, hand held massagers deliver both! With a range of plug in and rechargeable luxury massage wands to choose from, it’s worth doing your research to find out which massager best suits your needs.

With a huge range of body massagers available for men, women and couples to enjoy, Fare L’Amore are proud to offer a premium range of quality body massage wands Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can purchase online and have delivered discreetly to their door anywhere in Australia.

Body Massage Wand Types

Rechargeable Massage Wands

Most rechargeable massage wands these days feature a handy USB socket, making powering up your body massage wand a breeze. In-built rechargeable batteries are known for their ability to provide more powerful massage as well as lasting longer before running out of steam. If you want the convenience of never having to worry about buying and replacing batteries and you also desire power, then rechargeable massagers should definitely be on your list for consideration.

Popular Rechargeable Body Massage Wands

Plug In Massage Wands

Mains powered plug in massage wands have a lead that is usually attached to the very bottom of the wand. While known for their amazingly powerful vibrations, plug in body massagers restrict your movements to the length of the power cord and are never able to be used in water. Magic Wand 20 Speed Massage Wands are versatile, quiet and discreet, making them perfect for body relaxation and sensual pleasures alike.

Luxury Massage Wands

Enjoy the very best that hand held body massagers have to offer with this range of luxury massage wands, designed to feel divine against bare skin and offering premium therapeutic results. Featuring soft silicone massage heads that warm to your skin upon contact, the naturally warming sensation helps you to relax, unwind and get into the moment. Made using the highest quality parts, these innovative massage wands offer supreme power while still being quiet for optimal discretion.

Things To Consider When Buying A Massage Wand

Once you have chosen the type of hand held massage wand that is right for you, it’s also important to consider some other important features before making your final purchase online:


It’s important to feel confident that the massage head is made from body safe materials, as this is the part of the massager that will be coming into contact with your skin. Silicone is commonly chosen for it’s body safe, hypoallergenic qualities. It is also the perfect medium for transmitting powerful vibrations from the motor to the tissues of the skin.

Massage Functions

Most massage wands offer range of massage speeds, but consider whether you would like the option of pulsating or escalating massage functions. Also keep in mind that the more powerful the motor is, the louder it could also be. While some people desire strong, rumbly vibrations, others find the noise off putting and prefer a delicate, more discreet sensation. Finding the correct balance between power and sound is personal choice.


Some rechargeable massage wands are waterproof and some are splash proof, while plug in massage wands are not waterproof at all. If you want to take your personal massager into the spa, bath or shower make you select a personal massager that is 100% waterproof. Even body massage wands that are waterproof will need to be dried thoroughly after use to avoid corrosion. Being splash proof allows for easier cleaning – while you shouldn’t submerge it in water, a quick wash with warm soapy water after use makes cleaning your body massage wand a breeze.


While individual budget will undoubtedly affect your final decision, try not to let price be the only deciding factor when choosing the perfect massage wand. Once you have set your budget and know what features you are looking for, consider all options within your price range to make sure you are getting the best value for money. Once you have assessed all of your options you may even decide that it is worth paying a bit more in order to get everything you want. In most circumstances better quality body massage wands will attract a higher price tag. This is because the technology and parts used in the motor are of better quality and the outer materials are made from premium body safe materials, resulting in a body massage wand designed to perform better and last longer! To get the very best value for money on a budget, check out the cheap massage wands featured on our Specials page.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning your body massage wand before and after every use will help keep it free from harmful bacteria as well as preserving the integrity of your massager, resulting in a better performing, longer lasting body massage wand for you to enjoy! Also consider a dry and hygienic storage solution for your body massage wand – a lockable storage box that slides under the bed is a suitably discreet solution.

Attachments & Accessories

Many massage wands are compatible with water based lubricants and some will also allow the use of certain oils. Using a lubricant with your body massage wand adds a slippery new sensation to your enjoyment by acting as a medium, transferring the rumbly vibrations even deeper into your tissues for a deeper, more fulfilling massage. Some wands also come with the option of purchasing attachments that can be used for extra erogenous pleasures. This can be an economical way of purchasing, as you end up with several toys in one!

Massage Wands Summary

If you are new to purchasing body massage wands, the choices may at first seem a little overwhelming. Hopefully the after taking in some of the tips above, you have narrowed down which type of body massage wand you prefer.

No matter which massage wand you choose, you are sure to enjoy the divine experiences of pleasure and relaxation that awaits! Remember that even when you have made your purchase, you can always upgrade or add to your collection in the future!
Take the time to enjoy and experiment with your new massage wand, whether you are alone or with your lover. Whether it be for pleasure or full body relaxation, use your wand to take you to new heights of sensual satisfaction, sexual health and overall wellbeing.

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